Do your students (or even you) kmow all of the 50 nifty United States of America? Murica is easy to play, but a challenge to win. The map will randomly highlight a state. The first team (up to 6) to correctly identify the state will win a point and have the state locked in with their color. The team with the most states on the map will win!

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How to play!

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How to Play:


This game can have between 1 and 6 teams/players. Each team is given a color (red, blue, green, orange, purple, and pink). You'll need to decide in advance how teams will, "buzz in". It can be anything from a call bell (like the ones at a hotel's front desk) or just the first to stand up. You can also give everyone a small whiteboard with a dry erase marker and let everyone answer Final Jeopardy-style. That's up to you.

Hit the spacebar on your computer to start. The map will randomly cycle through the states. Hit the spacebar again to stop on a random state. The first team to buzz in will have a chance to answer with the name of the state. To see the correct answer, hit the enter key on your keyboard. If they are correct, press the number key that corresponds with their team's color. You can find the color/number list in the "Controls" section of the game's dashboard.

If they don't get it correct, you can allow another team to steal. If you lock-in the wrong team, you can just hit the number on your keyboard for the for the correct team.

Continue the cycle until you've either gone through every state or reached your state maximum (i.e. team with the best score after 10 states). If, for whatever reason, you need to clear the map, just hit the 'r' key on your keyboard to reset the game.

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