Llama Llamalong

A Simon-type game, but llamafied!
Quick Overview

Llama Llamalong is a fun take on the classic “Simon®” game but with llamas! It’s simple to start and difficult to keep going. Also, did we mention it’s a no-prep youth group game and becomes more fun the more your youth group plays it?

Llama Llamalong is the most fun to play when your youth group has a weekly Llama Llamalong Champion. Each week, bring a student up to beat the highest score. If they do it, they become the new champ until someone beats their score.

Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or above
PC Windows 7 or above
Projector (Optional) This game can be displayed on any external monitor or projector.

Invite a student up to the stage. Instruct your contestant to memorize the pattern of the elf-llamas bleating their beautiful elf-llama music. Every level adds another llama to the sequence. If they mess up, it’s game over!

Fa La Llama Llamalong uses the 1-4 keys on the keyboard to make an elf-llama sing. Bringing a Bluetooth keyboard on stage works great.

If you're using a MakeyMakey, the arrow keys work as well!