Cupcake Celebrate

Have your cupcake and eat it too! Well, not really... it's digital... Anyway! Cupcake Celebreate is a fun little app that displays a cupcake and whatever text you want. You can even light the candle and have someone blow it out! This is perfect for birthdays, graduations, baptisms, or anything else that deserves a cupcake! Scroll down to see the instructions on how it works!

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How to play!

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How to Play:

Cupcake Celebrate


Open the app and click on the Settings icon in the left sidebar. In the two text boxes, enter your top and bottom text (for example, "Happy Birthday" in the first box and "Charlie!" in the second). Click on the save button to save your changes.

Now, launch the game by either clicking on the launch button in the top right corner of the dashboard, or click on the launch icon (it looks like a rocket) in the left sidebar. Then click on the, "Launch Game" button.

Once the game is launched, you'll see your text and a cupcake! Hit the spacebar to light the candle. Hit it again to blow the candle out. You can do this as many times as you'd like (i.e. trick candles).

If it's someone's birthday, invite them up and put Cupcake Celebrate on the screen. Light the candle, have everyone sing, then have them blow the candle out.

Two great ways to do this is to either have them blow on the screen itself, or blow into a microphone. The person controlling the computer can hold down the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to make the flame blow in those directions. The flame will stay lit until the spacebar it hit.

There's a perfect goofertunity (opportunity to goof on someone) here. Don't let the candle go out right away. Instead, have the student keep trying. When you let go of the arrow keys, the flame immediately goes back to it's normal position. Finally, when they're about to pass-out from being out of breath, hit the spacebar and the flame will go out.

At this point, you can hit any letter key on the keyboard to randomly throw confetti on the screen! Just button-mash and you'll have a colorful mess of confetti on the screen.

Note: The cupcake that's picked is random each time, but you can change it by hitting the enter key on the keyboard.