Crabby Face

Crabby Face is a quick, fun group game that involves all of the students in your ministry. Just have everyone stand up and face forward, backwards, left, or right. Then let the crab dance around an pick a direction. Anyone facing the same direction of the crab has to sit down. Give everyone a second to face in a different direction and do it again! Keep going until you have two students left. Have them stand on opposite sides of the room and let the crab decide who the winner is. No set up, just have everyone stand up!

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How to play!

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How to Play:

Crabby Face

Launch the game by either clicking on the launch button in the top right corner of the dashboard, or click on the launch icon (it looks like a rocket) in the left sidebar. Then click on the, "Launch Game" button.

Have everyone stand and face left, right, forward, or backwards.

Hit the spacebar on your keyboard to start the crab's dance moves. He'll spin around until you hit the spacebar to stop him. Once he stops, he'll crawl in the direction he's facing.

Whoever is facing in the same direction as the crab will have to sit down. Give everyone a second to face in a new direction.

Repeat this until you have two people left. If you need to get large amounts of people out, change the rules so that they have to sit down if they're NOT facing the same direction as the crab.

You can force the crab to face a direction by hitting one of the arrow keys.

Once you're down to two people, have them stand on opposite sides of the room. Explain that the crab will dance around and walk in the direction of the winner. Hit the spacebar to start the crab. Instead of hitting the spacebar again to stop him, hit the Enter key on your keyboard. This will have him pick between left and right only. He'll walk in one of those directions and that person is the winner!