How do I start my 14 day trial?

It's really easy! Just download any game and install it on your Mac or PC. When you open the game for the first time, it's going to ask you to log in with your YM360 account. If you don't have an account (or aren't sure), you can create a new account (it will let you know if you already have an account with the email address that you entered). Once you login/create an account, your 14 day trial automatically starts. This trial applies to every game in our library. So you'll have 14 days to explore and try out whatever you want!

Do I have to give a credit card for the trial?

Nope! We want you to try everything out before you commit to anything. If you love it, you can become a member at any time!

Can I use G4YM games without an internet connection?

Yes! If you open a game without an internet connection, it will go into Offline Mode. Games will play in Offline Mode for up to 5 days after it was online last. After the 5th day, you'll have to have an internet connection so the game can relink to your account.

Can I run these games on a mobile device?

G4YM games are designed specifically for Macs & PCs. Mobile games are great, but have too many limitations. Computers have way more power than mobile devices and we love using that power!

Do these games work on a second display?

They sure do! If you have a second display plugged in, it will be detected automatically. When you launch a game, it will always go into fullscreen on the secondary display.

How do I get these games to run inside my presentation software?

Like your presentation software, G4YM games are standalone apps. That means they run alongside your presentation software as opposed to inside. Just launch a game and will hand the screen off to your presentation software when you tell it to.

Can I run more than one game at a time?

Yep! Just open and setup whichever games that you want to use. When you're ready to show them, just click the 'Launch' button. You can have multiple games launched at the same time. Using the 'Show' button on a game will bring it to the front. Using the 'Hide' button will move it to the back and will bring the screen behind it to the front.

Can I run these games on multiple computers?

Absolutely! We know how ministry is. If you need to run a game of a different computer, that's perfectly fine.

I'm on a PC and it's telling me that one of your games is a virus! What do I do?

Don't panic! This is actually an error with your virus scanning software. Anti-virus companies like Avast have admitted to this mistake and have released updates to fix the problem. So, open your anti-virus software and make sure you have the latest version and definitions.

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