Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel is one of our favorite apps. It’s a great way to bring up the energy in the room. It takes very little setup and is always a winner. You can set up as many slots as you want. You can even set the size and color of the slot! The best part is, you can change the slots on the fly! If you need to change, "20 pushups" to be 80% of the wheel just before the spin it... you can do that!

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How to play!

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How to Play:

Prize Wheel

First, name the slots. The app will automatically scale the name to fit the slot. For aesthetics, keep the prize names short.

Second, color the slot. If you leave this blank, the app will automatically fill in a color for you. If you want your own color, just enter a 6 digit hex number. For example: ffffff = white and 000000 = black. You can use this utility to find a hex color number.

Third, the slot size. If you leave this field blank, the app will evenly size the slot to fit the wheel. For example, if you have 6 slots and set one of them to “50”, that slot will take up half of the wheel and the remaining 5 will be evenly sized into 10% slices.

Press the “Spacebar” to start the wheel, and press spacebar to stop the wheel. The wheel will slow down and come to a stop.

Hit “Enter” to zoom in and out of the wheel. This is really helpful if you’re on a smaller screen.

As with most of our games, we like to add the ability to “cheat”. If a student is to win the grand prize, but the wheel is going to stop a few ticks shy of that slot, tap the “Right Arrow” key on your keyboard. This will give the wheel a very slight nudge that will seamlessly rotate it a few extra degrees. NOTE: Only do this when the wheel is almost completely stopped. If you do it before that, the wheel will come to a pretty abrupt halt.