Follow the Red Nose

This Christmas-themed game allows your students all the fun of the classic Three Card Monte game, usually played curbside my scam artists and street thugs, but in the safety of your youth ministry. Follow the Red Nose makes for the perfect prize game. The best part? You can make whoever you want to win or lose. Playing fair? The England Patriots don’t play fair, and they have five Super Bowls!

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How to play!

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How to Play:

Follow the Red Nose

To start, press the 4 key to flip all of the cards at once. This will show the positions of the Red Nose Reindeer and the Plain Reindeer.

Tell your students to follow the Red Nose Reindeer. Press the 4 key again to flip the cards on their faces. Press the left arrow key to set the speed to slow. Then press the spacebar to begin shuffling the cards. Let them shuffle a few times, the press the spacebar again to stop.

Then you ask the students to guess which card is the Red Nose Reindeer. Use the number keys to reveal the cards one by one. Now, you can explain that you’re about to make the game a little more difficult. Flip all of the cards on their faces. Tap the up arrow key to set the speed to normal. Tap the spacebar to start shuffling. Let it go for a little while and then tap the spacebar again to stop. See if your students can find the Red Nose Reindeer.

Finally, tap the right arrow key to set the speed to fast and start shuffling. Sometimes you’re going to want to mess with your students and force a result. To do this, tap the ‘R’ key before your flip a card. The next card you flip will be the Reindeer. The same is true with the ‘D’ key for the Plain Reindeer (Donner and Dixon). Make sure that if you decide to force a card, you need to force the other two cards as well. Otherwise, you may end up in a situation where you force the Red Nose Reindeer for the first card, but the Red Nose Reindeer is revealed under the second card.

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