Applause Meter

A classy applause meter for a classy youth group
Quick Overview

The Applause Meter is a great prop/tool for judging things like talents shows and dance-offs. Don't worry! No fancy audio equipment is needed. The needle is moved by the person running the computer. They simply hover their mouse over a rectangle and that movement translates to the needle on the meter! It's super easy and takes your competitions to another level!

Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or above
PC Windows 7 or above
Projector (Optional) This game can be displayed on any external monitor or projector.

This utility is something students will remember for years after they've aged out of youth group. It's visual incentive to get your students out of their seats and cheering their hearts out.
Sometimes when there is a competition of applause, it's difficult to determine with choice received the loudest applause. Not anymore. The Applause Meter is never wrong. Now, when a competition of applause is held in youth group, everyone can see the outcome.
It's easy to use and student love it! Have a blast!